Are you or is someone you love struggling with pain or lack of mobility due to injury, illness or age? Let us lead you through an individualised program to restore the strength and range of motion that an active, happy life requires. Especially in the mountains!




Structural Yoga Therapy


When health is optimum, natural range of motion and muscle strength will be found. Any illness, injury or unsuitable routine will change that harmonious relationship. SYT adapts exercises to suit the individual, so that pain and limited mobility can be eliminated. SYT can greatly help both chronic, longstanding conditions and new injuries. It requires a personal commitment to helping yourself feel better over time, and it is best to commit to 2 or 3 sessions to get the most out of it.


Each session addresses problems that cause pain or discomfort, and range of motion and muscle tests are done to give a detailed assessment of a client’s flexibility and strength.

From that information a personalised Structural Yoga Therapy™ (SYT) program is adapted to the individual’s unique needs. This individual yoga program is then polished over later sessions. SYT is great even for people who have never done yoga, especially older people in pain.


One to One Sessions


One to one sessions are designed to suit your individual needs, taking into account injuries or specific lifestyle issues. They are great for beginners who may not feel ready to join a group class, for those with an advanced practice who want more attention, or for people working long hours who can’t get to a scheduled class.


Structural Yoga Therapy or One to One Sessions

cost 100-120 CHF (sessions are usually 1.5 hours). Discounted rates are available for a series of sessions.

Please telephone or email Donna for an appointment at a time that suits you!

Donna Lambert is qualified as a Structural Yoga Therapist (RYT500 qualification). She studied with Mukunda Stiles in the UK, US and India for many years. Please see for more information on Mukunda, his legacy, and Structural Yoga Therapy.